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Tartle - News

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Currently, we are changing the exhibition and we will be open for visitors starting from June.
On 15 December the exhibition devoted to women artists in interwar Vilnius was opened at at the Vytautas Kasiulis Museum of Art. Five artworks for the exhibition were loaned by the the Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE.
On 28 October the exhibition Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz 18691927 was opened at Vilnius Picture Gallery.
Currently we are changing exhibition and we will be open for visitors starting from the middle of September.
The content of the exhibition which will open on 17th August reflects a memorial tradition that has been continuing for eight centuries. It originates from the saints’ life stories, which were later supplemented with reports about visions and miracles.
The sixth exhibition at the Lithuanian Art Centre Tartle is part of an exhibition diptych on the theme of Vilnius, and is one of the 700th anniversary events, inviting visitors to experience the city through different forms of time.
New exhibition ‘Franciszek Smuglewicz. From Ancient Rome to Vilnius University’ at the Vilnius Picture Gallery.
Your support is vital and helps Tartle to make the collection open to the public.
The Vilnius Picture Gallery and the Church Heritage Museum are opening the exhibition Sacred Vilnius: Pilgrimage from the Gates of Dawn to Kalvarija Way of the Cross on 20th of April.
The great gift of Easter is hope! Happy Easter!