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Tartle - News

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The sixth exhibition at the Lithuanian Art Centre Tartle is part of an exhibition diptych on the theme of Vilnius, and is one of the 700th anniversary events, inviting visitors to experience the city through different forms of time.
On 14th July exhibition Sheets and Splashes. Leisure in 20th and 21st century Lithuanian art was opened at the National Gallery of Art. In the exhibition these matters were revisited as the curators looked through almost thirty public and private collections in search of images of leisure in the artefacts of Lithuania’s modern visual culture: painting, graphic art, sculpture, photography, applied art, contemporary art, advertising, feature and documentary films, and amateur art. Seven artworks for the exhibition were loaned by the the Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE.
Currently we are changing the exhibition and will be open for visitors starting from June.
In its fourth exhibition, the Lithuanian Art Centre Tartle showcases part of its collection representing the tendencies in artistic life in Soviet-occupied Lithuania, and features of the work by artists who fled to the West.
Every weekend in February, a special event called SU-MENĖK will take place, involving 31 museums and galleries across the city.
The exhibition “A Woman in Yellow. The Retrospective and Inspirations of Antanas Samuolis (18991942)”, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of painter Antanas Samuolis. This comprehensive exhibition dedicated to Antanas Samuolis, one of the most famous Lithuanian artists of the early 20th century, is held at the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art after a 25-year break.
On December 29th between 11 a.m. and 19 p.m. we are opening TARTLE doors to visitors free-of-charge. We invite you to visit our fourth exhibition “Free and Unfree. Lithuanian Art between 1945 and 1990”.
On 15 December the exhibition devoted to women artists in interwar Vilnius was opened at at the Vytautas Kasiulis Museum of Art. Five artworks for the exhibition were loaned by the the Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE.
On 28 October the exhibition Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz 18691927 was opened at Vilnius Picture Gallery.
Currently we are changing exhibition and we will be open for visitors starting from the middle of September.