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Winter in the forest

Author: Czesław Znamierowski (1890–1977)
Dimensions:81 × 116 cm

bottom left: C. ZNAMIEROWSKI 64

This picture was painted in his later years, when Znamierowski was 74. Although at the end of the 1960s academic realism was gradually abandoned, he seemed to return to his youth. With the sight of the rivulet meandering towards the background, the clear contrasts of blue shadows and pink-white snow, the layered brushstrokes of warm and cold colours, this style of painting is characteristic of the realistic painting of the earlier period influenced by Impressionism. This is one of the best works from his late period.

Source: Valiunas Ellex (LAWIN until 2015) art album: THE WORLD OF LANDSCAPES II (2013). Compiler and author Nijolė Tumėnienė