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Author: Stefan Norblin (1892–1952)
Technique:colour lithograph
Dimensions:99.75 × 62.25 cm

Pictures of Vilnius, the historic capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, by Vilnius-based artists reflected the importance of tradition and the focus on protecting the heritage, especially its 17th and 18th-century architecture. History was a kind of trademark, emphasising the importance and the unusual character of the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in interwar Poland.

Steeped in tradition and romantically looking to the past, the image of Vilnius that was developed by its artists can be seen in the poster designed by the Warsawbased artist Stefan Norblin (1892–1952). Created for the Polish Ministry of Transport and the State Railways, the poster shows Vilnius as a historic Baroque city in the Art Deco style, with silhouettes of its iconic churches.


Text authors Dovilė Barcytė and Ieva Burbaitė

Source: Law firm Valiunas Ellex art album KAUNAS–VILNIUS / 1918–1945 (2021). Compilers and text authors Dovilė Barcytė and Ieva Burbaitė
Expositions: "1918-1945 / Kaunas-Vilnius", 27 August 202021 August 2021, Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE (Užupio St. 40, Vilnius). Curators Dovilė Barcytė and Ieva Burbaitė.