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St Casimir

Author: Viktoras Vizgirda (1904–1993)
Material:coloured glass, lead
Technique:stained glass
Dimensions:57 × 50 cm

Signed, bottom right: V. Vizgirda 1958

After the war, the painter Viktoras Vizgirda (19041993) lived in Boston, where he worked for some time in stained glass studios. He made mostly small compositions on religious themes for the interiors of houses. At first site this work, portraying Lithuania’s prince St Casimir, matches traditional iconography. The subject of this piece of stained glass is religious, but it also takes account of national aspirations. St Casimir, dressed in princely clothing, is holding a cross, as a symbol of faith, in one hand. But in his other hand, instead of the usual lily, he is holding a three-stemmed red tulip, which is associated with woven folk textiles. Behind him, the tower of a Lithuanian country church rises against a rich blue background.

Text author Dalia Vasiliūnienė

Source: Valiunas Ellex (LAWIN until 2015) art album: HEAVEN AND BEYOND (2016). Compiler Dalia Vasiliūnienė. Text authors Dalia Vasiliūnienė, Skaidrė Urbonienė