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Disappeared Pushkin

Author: Walter Buhe (1882–1958)
Dimensions:13.70 × 18.50 cm

inscription: Der verschwundene Puschkin / Buhe

‘Vilnius in the Year of War 1916’.

When the Russians abandoned Vilnius in September 1915, they removed the bronze monuments of Catherine the Great, Governor-General Mikhail Muravyov and the poet Alexander Pushkin from their plinths and took them away. The Germans interpreted this as a sign of the Russian authorities relinquishing the city. In Buhe’s drawing, the garden at the foot of Gediminas Hill is shown with a bare pedestal, and no bust of Pushkin; and the visitors to the garden do not miss the absent monument.

Source: Law firm Valiunas Ellex art album VILNIUS. TOPOPHILIA II (2015). Compiler and author Laima Laučkaitė
Expositions: ‘Vilnius Forever. A Dialogue of Artworks and Guides to the City’, 25 May 202230 April 2023 Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE (Užupio St. 40, Vilnius). Curator Laima Laučkaitė.