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Regulations for Visiting Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE

Tickets and time of visits

The exposition of Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE (hereinafter referred to as TARTLE) is visited by small groups of up to 12 persons and only with a guide following prior registration on the website www.tartle.lt.

Visitors are admitted only on the date and at the time indicated on a ticket. If a visitor is late or arrives at a different time than that specified on the ticket, he/she is not admitted.

A discounted ticket is valid only upon presentation of a document confirming the right to a discount.

Tickets are not exchanged and money paid for them is not returned. Please keep your ticket until the end of your visit.

Security and compliance with the regulations

If you wish to gain access to the exposition, you may be asked to produce your ID document confirming your identity. A visitor’s first name and surname are necessary only for the purposes of security of TARTLE artistic assets, exhibits of the exposition, employees and visitors on the basis of lawful interests of TARTLE. Personal data are processed in accordance with the Data Privacy Policy.

TARTLE reserves the right to deny admission to the premises to visitors who do not comply with the visit regulations, are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, behave disrespectfully or pose a danger to the security of TARTLE employees or other visitors. TARTLE employees have the right to demand compliance with the visit regulations. If a visitor violates the existing procedures, he/she will have to leave the museum’s territory.


Touching museum exhibits or damaging them is strictly prohibited. Visitors bear liability for deliberate damage to artistic assets or other property of TARTLE as well as damage resulting from major carelessness.

Cloakroom and rules for the safekeeping of items

Please leave your coats, backpacks, large handbags, umbrellas and other items in the cloakroom. Please do not leave your personal valuables. The museum is not responsible for the left items.


Please do not leave your children unattended. Inappropriate behaviour of children is the parents’ responsibility.

Taking photos

Taking photos and filming are allowed for personal purposes free-of-charge. Using stands and flash is prohibited.

Food and drinks

Eating and drinking in TARTLE premises is prohibited. Bringing foodstuffs and drinks to the exposition is prohibited. Bringing and consumption of alcoholic drinks or psychotropic substances is prohibited.


Smoking in prohibited on the entire territory of TARTLE as well as in the courtyard and the sculpture garden.


Visitors with animals are not admitted either to the territory of TARTLE or to the courtyard and the sculpture garden.


Visitors with bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, scooters, etc. are not admitted to the premises.

Other provisions

Bringing arms, knives and other dangerous items to the territory of TARTLE is prohibited.

Video cameras

The site is subject to video surveillance. More information on video surveillance on the museum territory is available in the Data Privacy Policy.

Visitors with disabilities

TARTLE exposition premises are not adapted to visitors with disabilities.