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Regulations for Ticket Purchase and Use at Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE

  • I. General provisions

    • 1. Visitors of Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE (hereinafter referred to as TARTLE) have an option of booking seats online and purchasing online tickets to events organised by TARTLE and guided tours of exhibitions featuring exhibits from the art collection of TARTLE.
    • 2. Tickets are booked and sold on the website www.tartle.lt.

  • II. Regulations for purchase of tickets

    • 1. A visitor buying a ticket at www.tartle.lt must make sure that he/she has chosen the needed date, visitor categories and ticket amount.
    • 2. While buying a ticket or booking the time of a visit, a visitor may be asked to indicate first names and surnames of all persons who intend to use the ticket or arrive at TARTLE at the booked time. Public entity Lithuanian Art Foundation (the founder of TARTLE) is the controller of your personal data provided during the purchase of tickets, whereas the provided data are used only for the purpose of us performing the order. More information on processing of your personal data during purchase of tickets is available in our Data Privacy Policy by clicking on the following link.
    • 3. Following the selection of tickets, a visitor must enter the data required by the system, verify the information of the cart and ascertain that it is correct as well as consent to TARTLE regulations for ticket purchase and use so that payment can be made.
    • 4. Upon the selection of the setting “Invoice Required”, electronic invoice will be generated according to personal or corporate data provided. It will be e-mailed at the address indicated by the visitor along with e-tickets.
    • 5. Payment is conducted on the payment system www.paysera.lt. Following the receipt of a reply from www.paysera.lt about successful payment, the visitor will be e-mailed e-tickets at the address specified by him/her.

  • III. Regulations for use of tickets

    • 1. Visitors are admitted to TARTLE events or guided tours only after they produce a valid ticket purchased at a TARTLE box office or on the website www.tartle.lt.
    • 2. Having purchased an e-ticket and arrived at TARTLE, a visitor must produce a printed e-ticket or a barcode of the e-ticket on his/her mobile device at the ticket checkpoint. A visitor bears personal responsibility for the availability of mobile internet and/or other methods required for accessing the barcode.
    • 3. A ticket is only valid for the purpose of the visit or event specified thereon on a particular date and at a particular time.
    • 4. If a ticket was purchased at a reduced price, a visitor must produce an ID document or another document confirming his/her right to a discount at the ticket checkpoint. If such a document is not presented, the visitor must pay the price difference between the standard ticket and a discounted ticket.
    • 5. A ticket is scanned and marked only once, and is valid only for one person. The owner of an e-ticket should not allow other persons to copy his/her ticket. Control devices show the date and time of first scanning. If the ticket is presented for scanning for the second time, the visitor will not be admitted. Copying and forging a ticket as well as re-selling it to third parties is prohibited.
    • 6. A visitor must keep the ticket and receipt (in case of purchase at a box office) until the end of his/her visit at TARTLE or TARTLE event.
    • 7. Tickets are not exchanged, and money for the tickets is not returned, except for cases when a visit was not possible or an event did not take place through the fault of TARTLE.