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Still-life with apples and roses

Author: Czesław Znamierowski (1890–1977)
Dimensions:49 × 63 cm

bottom right: Č. ZNAMEROVSKI / 1947

It is not clear if the date 1947 next to the signature is really the date of the picture, for there is an earlier date (1941 VII 30) on the underframe. If the earlier date is true, then Czesław Znamierowski (18901977) must have signed the picture later. Anyway, this is an oasis of peace painted during the turbulent years of the war or just afterwards. The objects painted consist of ripe apples and a beautiful bouquet of roses, showing that the picture was painted in the second half of the summer. Of course, the artist could have used a postcard to reinforce the impression of naturalness: everything is too perfect in this composition. The subject is intentionally sublime, and the heavy patterned drapery gives it a touch of stateliness. The bright and saturated colours help to create an impression of rich beauty. This kind of beauty is attractive (after all, no one can resist what tastes good), but a lot of it can be too much.

Text author Giedrė Jankevičiūtė

Source: Valiunas Ellex (LAWIN until 2015) art album: OBJECTS ON SHOW (2017). Compiler and author Giedrė Jankevičiūtė